Enterprise Scale Azure Landing Zones via Azure DEVOps using Terraform and CAF Modules: Rover

What is Rover?

Ambiguous Rover

Rover Project

Rover Container

Rover Instance

Rover Host

Hosting Rover Instances

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Container Services

Docker Desktop

  • It has hardware requirements that mean you need to run it on a physical machine, or an expensive virtual machine.
  • Physical machine id bad because if its not available then you can’t manage the Azure Landing Zones.
  • Virtual machines are better in that they are always available but our experience with them has been poor.
  • Its no longer free if you are in Government or a Medium or Large Enterprise

Using Rover Instances

Azure DEVOps Pipelines


Docker CLI

Visual Studio Code

Dynamic Container Selection

Operating System ‘Stacks’

  • I run Visual Studio Code on a Windows Physical Laptop
  • Visual Studio Code connects to a Rover Container running Linux
  • The Rover Container is Hosted on Azure Container Services which are Azure Virtual Machines running Linux
  • The Azure Virtual Machines are hosted on Physical Hardware also running Linux



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